2014 is the year of the horse I am reliably informed by lots of people who don’t really observe Chinese culture in any other way at all.

2013 for me was the year of the husband. Firstly, I got one… but mainly I am referring to the phenomenally awesome work this particular husband turned out with fellow illustrator Boneface. Somewhere in between the marrying and the honeymooning (that part was without Boneface) these guys managed to work like heroes to produce some seminal artwork and animation for Kings of the nowage, Queens of the Stone Age and their seriously awesome album ‘Like Clockwork’.

As I awoke this morning it was to footage of my husband’s animations playing behind Dave Grohl, on a stage, closing out the awards ceremony for the fucking Grammys. This follows a year that has taken in, among many other things, an amazing dinner invite, more than one moment of mind-blowing pride, WAY too much tequila, A GOLD RECORD ON OUR WALL and some dancing midgets.

To be honest, I can’t really add anything about this album that hasn’t been said better and sooner by many a blog, music journalist, art magazine, gig goer… but, I can take this post to say how extremely fucking proud I am of both of these guys. I think probably only myself and one other young lady knows just how much blood and sweat was poured into this work, sometimes 24 hours a day in the run up to deadlines and they deserve every bit of praise, respect and tequila that they get. I feel very proud to have in some way been associated with genius artwork by Boneface, beautifully crafted animation by my amazing husband Liam Brazier and of course the legends that are QOTSA

If you have somehow missed them you can view all 5 of the album’s accompanying animations here …like clockwork
And buy the album here Amazon

Do both, I promise you won’t regret it.

Photo: Jeffrey Neira/ CBS

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This Alien shirt is just too awesome. My husband is very jealous of it, I got to the till before him.

It’s by The illustrated Mind who do just the most excellent shirts possibly ever. I am potentially a bit obsessed. They stock a load of different makes, all lovingly printed. I’m pretty fussy about wearing t-shirts, I don’t wear them often, I don’t love high necklines but you really can tell the difference when T-shirts are printed properly and well made. They become those shirts you just want to wear forever (and you can because they don’t melt in the first wash). I bought this and the T-shirt below from Boy Parker in Brighton.

Falling in love with an illustrator and watching him create daily has made me appreciate so much more when independent artists get to showcase their art through third party companies. There is an ugly trend in our all-consuming, mass producing age to ‘take influence’ (that means to rip off) other artists work, Urban Outfitters have done it, Top Shop have done it… and it’s really not that hard to buy beautiful things made by independent companies where the artists get a say and even a cut for their hard work. Yes, it costs a bit more, but it’s also better quality, sourced with thought behind it, and your pennies are going towards sustaining art and creativity rather than supporting an ongoing cycle of irresponsible corporate shit and the death of independent art.

Get involved.




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