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My hair has been pretty much every colour over the years having taken my teenage tours through grunge, Brit pop and everything in between…  in the last few it has been blue/black to platinum blonde – with very little patience between the two. The result is hair that isn’t in the best way but quite frankly, lucky to be there at all.

Three weeks ago I went pink again courtesy of my favourite salon ever; Rockalily Cuts in Hoxton. YES, a salon. I finally learnt that where bleach is involved, it’s best left to the professionals. I love this place, it’s so relaxed and friendly that getting your hair done is a bit like popping in for tea with a mate, except you leave with a  lighter wallet and fabulous hair. This is a wonderful departure for me from my usual feeling about hair salons which are right up there with shoe shopping on the oppressive feeling scale. Why do they stand there and watch while you put the shoes on? JUST BUGGER OFF.
It’s probably the reason I have had so many home hair disasters over the years… but finally I have somewhere to go to where I can get awesome hair without my usual bathroom based trail and error. They do all kinds of cuts and colours but specialise in vintage hair, it’s a super relaxed atmosphere that is really different to the chain salons I have used before. The staff are totally professional and I never feel rushed or like they don’t have the time to think about what I am asking for. Perhaps most importantly though, they understand people with a penchant for dying their hair, they will take the time to advise you when they feel your hair isn’t up to what you might like to do to it (see previous point about patience!) They are well versed in asks for ‘Kelly Osbourne lilac’ and will be honest about what can be achieved, make suggestions or work with you to get you where you want to go over a few trips without destroying your delicious follicles entirely! I’ve gone from black to red to pink with them now and loved every trip, as well as taking in one of their retro hairstyling events and getting my hair put up for a wedding for myself and the bride. You might say I’m a bit of a regular these days!

It’s not cheap to have a colour change but it is so worth paying to have it done properly, yes hair grows back but if you repeatedly damage it it doesn’t ever really recover unless you plan to shave it off entirely! If i could advise on one thing it would be to get it bleached by a professional!
Coloured hair like this does take a fair bit of upkeep, mine has been green, blue, red, black, everything over the years but I dye it myself between visits as it washes out quite quickly. It requires one eye on your bathroom grouting, little interest in matching towels and the acceptance that the collars of your clothes may never recover but it is so worth it.

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