Welcome, welcome all who stumble in here whilst looking for something better. Nevermind, you are here now…

I started this blog in 2013 after becoming frustrated by the lack of thirty-something bloggers that I identified with. I follow heaps of hip young bloggers in their twenties that I love but I struggled to find many in their thirties and older that write about the kind of varied lifestyle stuff that I enjoy. So, I decided to put my idle hands to use and blog my own thirty-something life. Sometimes. The other thing you need to know about me is that I am lazy and don’t write enough.

I am a small fish in a big city, in my 30s, child-free, I care about so many things that it drives me crazy, but mainly cruelty-free fashion, meat and dairy free living, responsible sourcing. But I am fun, I promise. This blog is a place to talk about all the things that interest me and might interest other people too, including;  London life, cruelty-free food, lifestyle, my over-inflated opinion that was too long for Facebook, my absolute obsession with Disney and anything else that takes my fancy. You can also find me on Youtube at The Life Erratic

You can drop me a message at foridlehands@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “ENTER, STRANGER…

  1. Jover. says:

    Hello B. Always said you had a talent for writing, bout time you did lead your own army girl x

    • B says:

      Jooove!!! Hello you! You found me! I’m still working out how to find people, it’s been ages since I blogged but it’s one of my new years aims! Happy New Year to you guys. Let’s have tea soon x

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