This Alien shirt is just too awesome. My husband is very jealous of it, I got to the till before him.

It’s by The illustrated Mind who do just the most excellent shirts possibly ever. I am potentially a bit obsessed. They stock a load of different makes, all lovingly printed. I’m pretty fussy about wearing t-shirts, I don’t wear them often, I don’t love high necklines but you really can tell the difference when T-shirts are printed properly and well made. They become those shirts you just want to wear forever (and you can because they don’t melt in the first wash). I bought this and the T-shirt below from Boy Parker in Brighton.

Falling in love with an illustrator and watching him create daily has made me appreciate so much more when independent artists get to showcase their art through third party companies. There is an ugly trend in our all-consuming, mass producing age to ‘take influence’ (that means to rip off) other artists work, Urban Outfitters have done it, Top Shop have done it… and it’s really not that hard to buy beautiful things made by independent companies where the artists get a say and even a cut for their hard work. Yes, it costs a bit more, but it’s also better quality, sourced with thought behind it, and your pennies are going towards sustaining art and creativity rather than supporting an ongoing cycle of irresponsible corporate shit and the death of independent art.

Get involved.




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