I got these beautiful new plus size tights from the wonderful Teja Jamilla on Etsy. They are such good quality, hand printed and a really thick strong material. I struggle with plus size tights generally, they tend to just be longer in the leg but still really uncomfortable around the arse. I often just revert to leggings under dresses and skirts and it’s much easier to find good sizes and patterns but these are a bit special, they are so comfy and have a proper, in proportion gusset. (full disclosure: I even fell over in them and they didn’t tear.. soggy cardboard on the floor NOT the new years tequila) I wrote to Teja to thank her after receiving them and she told me she had been really keen to source good quality tights to print on and it really shows. I will definitely be buying again. You can check out her other designs at her store here




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