My wonderful wonderful friends the Trans-Siberian March Band have been doing a residency at Rich Mix since September this year. They play a set and so does their guest band which has featured among others Pest, Bad Ass Brass and a performance of their touring joint set with DJ Yoda. I am so in love with this band, I am a total groupie. Fearsome drumming, filthy brass.. This is what might happen if you shot a porn movie in a colliery. But coal mining sexy times aside, you should see them because it will be one of the best gigs you have ever ever had the good fortune of shaking your little booty at. Smile, dance, and shake off all the bad things Trans-Siberian style by heading to their continuing residency in the new year. Also, it’s flippin’ FREE.
“Lovechild of the Village People and the Salvation Army” – Flying Seagull Project
Read more on the band HERE

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